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Arahova is a picturesque hillside village located about 12 kilometers from Delphi on the road to Athens. The healthy and invigorating climate at 980 meters above sea level makes Arahova an ideal hideaway, from which it takes five minutes to reach the archaeological sites of Delphi. The village boasts of its excellent red wine and beautiful handmade fabrics. At Easter, the whole village celebrates during a festival where you can find food, drink and dance, as well as an entertaining run on the hill of the village, which is attended by senior citizens, while lambs roast on the spit in the courtyards.

Named after the native Greek village of its founder, Arahova appeared in Montreal in 1971 and became one of the first Greek specialty restaurants. What was initially a small cafe and snack designed by Christos Kalogrias (the founder of restaurants Arahova Souvlaki), has become a local landmark that stands out regularly in the contests and restaurant guides thanks to its souvlakis. What's the secret? Christos Kalogrias has always focused on quality, freshness and consistency, which has made Arahova the brand it is today.

Christos Kalogrias
Founder / President

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